Technical Training Program

Since 2015-2016, FC Wisconsin has implemented the Technical Training Program for our U7-U14 Programs. This is a unique initiative by the club which is designed to teach players how to train technique individually at no added cost. 
As a club, it is our goal to develop the best possible players technically who have a comfort level on the ball from an early age. One of the biggest factors that determines the long-term success of any player is the amount of time a player spends working on technique individually outside of team training sessions. This program will help players with their continued development, while also placing a high emphasis of accountability upon the player.
Every 2-3 weeks the coaches will introduce several skills to the players. The skills will involve one player and one ball. These skills the players can work on at home, on their own. The exercises will change and progress every few weeks to challenge the players and provide variety in the skill sets being developed.
Players will then be responsible to count their touches and record how many touches each day until they reach 10,000 or 15,000 touches. Once they reach the touch goal assigned to their age group, they will receive a small reward for accomplishing the task.  
Players turn in the touches tracking sheet, signed by both the player and the parent, to the coaching staff to receive the reward. The program is totally optional, but will help tremendously toward long term player development!