USSDA Players Make College Commitments

Though the fall 2013 USSDA season is young, FC Wisconsin is proud to announce that, to date, 8 members of its U18 USSDA team have made commitments to play in college both beginning in the fall of 2014 as well as the fall of 2015.

7 FC Wisconsin players will continue to ply their trade on pitches within the state, while 1 will venture to Ohio to continue his development and compete. 7 will play at the NCCA Division I level and 1 will compete in the NAIA. FC Wisconsin players and the schools to which they have commited their academic and soccer futures list by school alphabetically as follows:

Cardinal Stritch University (NAIA)
Bernie Macais
Ohio State University (NCAA Division I)
Marcus McCrary
University of Wisconsin - Madison (NCAA Division I)
Nikola Atlija - 2014
Alexander Masbruch - 2014


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (NCAA Division I)
Nick Moon - 2014
Brian Rojas - 2014
Reid Stevenson - 2014
Jamie Colo - 2015