Get to Know Coach Manny Ekunseitan

Get to Know Coach Manny Ekunseitan

Where are you from?
Andover, Minnesota

What city do you live in currently?

West Allis

How long have you lived in the Milwaukee area?
I’ve like in the Milwaukee area almost a year now - since February 2019.

What school did you graduate from?

UW-Green Bay


What was your field of study?

Business Marketing and Human Resources

Best playing memory?

My best playing memory would be scoring the winning goal my senior year of high school in extra time to go to state.


Big or small family?


Do you have any pets?

Favorite soccer team?

Chelsea FC


Favorite soccer player?


Who’s better, Messi or Ronaldo?



Favorite professional coach?

Jose Mourinho


How long have you coached for?

Two years


How long have you coached at FC?

Seven months


Are you full-time or part-time with FC?



What is your full-time job?

Account Manager/Recruiter


Favorite sport to watch besides soccer?

Basketball or American football


Favorite thing to do in free time?


Who’s your favorite athlete?

My favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant.


What was your first job? When did you have it?
I worked at Walgreens when I played for my summer team going into my sophomore year of college.


Do you prefer to cook or eat out?

I prefer to cook.


What’s your favorite meal?

Pasta with alfredo

What is your favorite type of foreign food?

Pho (Vietnamese)


What is your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday is Christmas. I don’t see my entire family too often, so when I do it's very nice.

Favorite TV Series?


Favorite music artist?


Favorite time of the year and why?

My favorite time of the year is summer because living in the Midwest that’s when the weather is the best for soccer.