FC Wisconsin Reminders

FC Families,

So great to be back on the training fields, learning, working hard, and developing some pretty amazing soccer players!


As we head into the second week of training, we wanted to send out some reminders. Please read this its entirety so that nothing is missed.



  • SLOW DOWN! No one needs to be in such a hurry to get to training or find a parking spot that a player or family member could get injured. There are other little kids running around the facility and parking lot, please BE AWARE of kids running in the parking lot or chasing a ball.
  • Please also remind those players of driving age to SLOW DOWN in the facility. 
  • A big thank you to Pete Meenk, John Norfolk, Lisa Leffel, and committee for all their work. The facility has never looked better and the future of the facility has never looked more promising. If you see them, give them a big thank you!


  • We never have an issue with a player being late to training and there is never a consequence. Do NOT worry about tardiness, but please make sure you get to training safely. When your player is dropped off, once out of the parking lot, they can run to their training session. 
  • The fields are booked almost every night so it’s important we as coaches start the session on time and end on time. Some coaches also have babysitters at home or other commitments (second job) that are on a schedule. Please be courteous and punctual picking up your player from training. Again, we are not asking that you rush, but, to please plan on the session ending promptly at its designated time. 


  • Please make sure players bring ALL equipment to EVERY game - this includes ALL THREE UNIFORM KITS.
    • Black, gray, and red jersey – ALL THREE
    • Both pairs of shorts
    • Both pairs of socks
    • Shin guards
    • Proper footwear
  • In general, we ask players to get to the games 45 minutes prior to kick off. Coaches will run the warm up and have a chat about several things before the game begins. 
  • Parents/Grandparents/Friends – please refrain from “coaching” or yelling instructions from the sidelines. Please refrain from yelling at the referee or opposing players or parents. 
  • Our parents family and club remains the most educated, professional, and classy sidelines in the state, we fully expect that to continue. 
  • Many times coaches are coming from games at the time slot prior to your child’s kickoff. If there is ever a concern, please contact Ben at 864.425.9630 or Billy at 414.791.0110 and they will communicate with the assigned coaches.

Laws of the Game Change 2019:

  • Drop balls – in general if there is a drop ball inside the penalty area, it will just be dropped for the goalkeeper. 
  • If outside the penalty area, it will be dropped for the last team in possession with all other players 4.5 yards away.

Free Kicks:

  • When there is a ‘wall’ of three or more defenders, the attackers are not allowed within 1m (1 yd) of the wall; an attacker less than 1m (1yd) from the ‘wall’ when the kick is taken will be penalized with an indirect free kick  .
  • Goal kicks or kicks inside the 18 yard box: on goal kicks or any free kick in your own penalty area, the ball is in play once the kick is taken; it does not have to leave the penalty area before it can be played.  
  • Defending team still has to stay outside the penalty area until the kick is taken.


  • Any shirt underneath the uniform must be the same color as the sleeve of the uniform. For instance, a white long sleeve shirt will NOT be allowed underneath our black uniform. A black long sleeve shirt will be allowed under our black jersey.


  • A player who is being substituted must leave the field by the nearest point on the touchline/goal line (unless the referee indicates the player can leave quickly/ immediately at the halfway line or a different point because of safety, injury etc.).

Style of Play (in general):

  • Punting the ball at U11 when players are not allowed to head the ball has only one purpose, to get it to the big fast kid up top to run and score with little to no developmental concepts. Same goes for corner kicks, smashing the ball in the air in the box to players that cannot head the ball does not have developmental concepts that players need to think about and solve. Our players will try to play short on corners and solve the pressure to get into the box to score. 
  • Our players will try our best to pass our way out of goal kicks, set pieces, or corners. We will NOT always be successful, especially at the very beginning, but as the layers develop throughout the year will see better problem solvers, less nervousness on the ball and true development happening.
  • Our players are allowed to play bigger passes out of the back into a space that a player is running.

Thank you in advance for all the positive support of the all the players. Remember to trust the process. This is a long term development process. Every player will go through several peaks and valleys throughout the year and throughout their career. It’s our jobs as coaches and parents to work together to help our players through those times, while still trusting the process.  

The club has grown for the sixth year in a row. We have continued to make history in our development, style and achievements every year. What an amazing group of players we have again this year! We can’t wait to see what this year brings.