Continued support enhances long term Club development

Thanks to all sponsors and donors

Continued support enhances long term Club development










Continued support enhances long –term Club development


We want to thank all the families, friends, and companies who have supported the club with sponsorships, donations, and volunteer time.  The club has several 100 Club donations, new sponsors and continued support in volunteer time both on and off the fields. 

Because of everyone’s continued support, the coaches are able to continue to focus on player development, culture of practice and the teams.  It continues to be a successful year thanks to all the help and support.

“We want to thank all our 100 Club Sponsors, Field Sponsors and donors for their support of the club and facility.  We are amazed and truly grateful for the continued support.  With your support this program continues to grow even faster than we imagined and we can’t thank all of you enough for believing, seeing, and supporting proper player development.  Our future continues to look brighter and brighter.”  Said Co-Directors Ben Shepherd and Billy Solberg. 

Listed below are all our 100 Club Sponsors, field sponsors and donors. 

Pain Management & Treatment

US Bank

The Mesalles Family

The Von Rue den Family

The Gruss Family

Orkin Pest Control


John Seems

Amy Turner-Larry Vichich

Froedtert and MCW

Alberts Investment Management

Sopigoti and Calhoun Families

LaToscana Restaurant/Eddie Sopiqoti