Alumni Spotlight on Salvador Nunez

Alumni Spotlight on Salvador Nunez

What school do you attend? In what city and state is your school?

I currently attend Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


What division is your school?

Stritch is NAIA


What year are you?

I’m currently a junior in college


Why did you choose your school?

I chose Cardinal Stritch for various reasons, but there are two main reasons. First, I wanted to go to a smaller school in-state which wouldn’t require me to stay on campus. The second reason was because the Head Coach at Stritch (Jaime Bladen) was one of my coaches at FC Wisconsin and I really liked his philosophy. I felt that he would create a good environment where I could continue to develop as a player.


What position do you play?

I play a striker/winger


Stritch has had successful seasons all three years you have been there - winning three regular season conference titles and three conference tournament titles. What do you credit most for that success?

I believe the past three years of success at Stritch have been a combination of hard work and determination to achieve our goals. There have been many ups and downs throughout the past three years, but never have we let that stop us from continuing our pursuit for titles. In addition, Head Coach Jaime Bladen has done an outstanding job of recruiting the right players that fit his system. So if credit was to be given, it would be given to everyone that’s been part of the program these past three years.


How many years did you play for FC Wisconsin and what made you join the club?

I played for FC Wisconsin for only two years. I was introduced to the club by one of my friends while playing in a Sunday league. I wasn’t playing club soccer for a few years and he suggested I tryout for FC Wisconsin.


What were some benefits of playing for FC Wisconsin?

A lot of benefits came from playing at FC Wisconsin, but the biggest benefit is the coaching. There are so many coaches at training give each player the attention needed to maximize their development. That’s something I never received at other clubs.


What did you learn most while playing for FC Wisconsin?

While at FC Wisconsin I learned how to be a better player. The coaches helped me improve as a person off the field, just as much as a player on the field. The environment that was set at FC Wisconsin helped me mature and get ready for college, as it was going to be a big step for me.


What are the biggest differences between playing club and playing in college?

I feel like the overall experience is much different when you play college soccer. When playing in college, you’re with your teammates every single day, therefore you create much closer bonds with everyone. During the preseason, you’re with your teammates from sunrise to sunset. When playing club, you are only with your teammates during games and training sessions. 


What is your best memory while playing for FC Wisconsin?

My best memory while playing at FC Wisconsin was definitely winning a national title my last year before going to college. It was a dream come true for me. 


How did playing and training at FC Wisconsin help you prepare for the college setting?

The environment and the level of intensity at FC Wisconsin fully prepared me for college. Every session, coaches were demanding 110% which helped me to be fully prepared once I got to college.


What do you think makes FC Wisconsin different from other clubs?

I think everything about FC Wisconsin is different in comparison to other clubs. FC Wisconsin has multiple coaches at every game and training session. They have coaches from around the world that have played at all levels of the sport. FC Wisconsin has two turf fields with lights which facilitates training and games at any time. Lastly, FC Wisconsin creates a family environment where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.


What advice do you have to players at FC Wisconsin with ambitions to play college soccer?

For anyone at FC Wisconsin with ambitions to play college, I’d say go for it. Whether you’re a player that wants to try and get to the top level of soccer, or just a player that wants to experience college soccer, you won’t regret being part of a college soccer program because it will be one of the best times of your life.