Alumni Spotlight on Burim Huseini

Alumni Spotlight on Burim Huseini

What school do you attend? In what city and state is your school?

University of Wisconsin – Parkside in Kenosha, Wis.


What division is your school?

NCAA Division II


What year are you?



Why did you choose your school?

Parkside offered me a great opportunity to continue both my academic and athletic career. I enjoyed the small class sizes along with the nice campus.


What position do you play?

Central attacking midfielder


Parkside had a successful season, what separated this year from past years?

Our senior class understood that this was our last opportunity to do something special as a program. We did everything we could to have everyone buy into what we were doing from start to finish. We kept a strong mindset throughout the whole season and stuck together through thick and thin. 


How many years did you play for FC Wisconsin and what made you join the club?

I joined FC Wisconsin when I was 15 and played there for three years. I joined the club for multiple reasons. First and foremost, they offered the opportunity to play at the highest level against clubs like Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew. Second, FC Wisconsin has a great record of moving players along from club to college and preparing them to be successful at the next level. Lastly, FC Wisconsin helped players be professional on and off the field.


What were some benefits of playing for FC Wisconsin?

FC Wisconsin always had high quality training sessions which helped me improve as a player tremendously. Also, FC Wisconsin made the transition from club to college much easier. Playing with FC Wisconsin helped me reach many of my goals as a soccer player and a person.


What did you learn the most while playing for FC Wisconsin?

FC Wisconsin helped me expand my knowledge of the game. The biggest thing I learned was how to hold myself to a professional standard.


What are the biggest differences between playing club and playing in college?

The level of intensity and speed of play were the two big differences I noticed. Physicality also played an important role in developing me into a college player my first year.


What is your best memory while playing for FC Wisconsin?

My favorite memory while playing would be going to the Disney Showcase in Florida. There was lots of college exposure and great competition in beautiful weather.


How did playing and training at FC Wisconsin help you prepare for the college setting?

Every training session was intense and game realistic. From working on the basics of the game to transitioning into game situations, practice had it all. Also, staying fit and doing some sort of fitness at the end of session made sure we were always working hard.


What do you think makes FC Wisconsin different to other clubs?

The developmental part of FC Wisconsin is different compared to other clubs. Each coach cares about their players and would individually explain to you what you needed to improve your game on. Also, the intensity of every training.


What advice do you have for players at FC Wisconsin with ambitions to play college soccer?

Keep working harder than the person next to you and do whatever you must do to standout on the field and in training. Also, be a supportive teammate and try making your teammates better. Be grateful if a coach is yelling at you or taking time to explain something to you because it shows that they care and that they know your capabilities. Most importantly play at any level that suits you. Find a school you like with a good program and pursue your dreams of playing college soccer. Four years will fly by and you will make an incredible group of friends that will turn into brothers. Enjoy every moment of it.